Insulated Concrete Hybrid Pools

The Insulated Concrete Pool is Artistic Pools’ very own exclusive and flagship product. Through experience, we continually evolve and enhance the products we provide to our customers in the most state of the art and cutting edge ways in the entire pool industry. Insulated Concrete Pools are far superior to our competition’s concrete or steel walled pools in several extremely vital ways. Quickly off of the top of your head, which would you say is stronger; Steel about as thick as a quarter, or a 12 inch thick engineered and rebar re-enforced solid concrete wall? By building your pool with a concrete wall, you are getting a drastically stronger structure made from a time-tested building material that tradesmen have trusted since 6500BC. Not only is concrete the stronger structure, but it also provides much better resistance in the long run to chemical and rust deterioration than steel. Concrete pools have been around for decades, yet we’ve come up with a proprietary system to vastly improve traditional concrete pools by installing a thermal insulation break on both the outside and the inside of the shell of the pool. You wouldn’t dare build a house without insulation, would you? So why are you even considering installing a high-end custom in-ground swimming pool in the Pittsburgh area without insulating it? The cost of heating a large swimming pool can add up to thousands of dollars per season in our local climate, even while utilizing all of the most energy efficient pool equipment in the industry. And guess what, utility costs aren’t going down in the foreseeable future. Multiply that over the entire life of your pool and you’ll see why you’d be crazy to install a pool that is not insulated. Our Insulated Concrete Pools are engineered to provide an R-40 insulation rating around your entire swimming pool. Most high-end custom homes aren’t even insulated that well! Over 90% of a swimming pool’s heat loss is through its walls as the ground is a much better conductor of heat than the air. We have several real life examples of this fact that we can easily demonstrate for you during a consultation. In a non-insulated concrete or steel wall pool, there is a constant battle between the 55 degree rocks that your pool walls are back filled with and your 90 degree pool water, thus dramatically increasing the need for you pool heater to run. By putting in an Insulated Concrete Pool you are eliminating this constant thermal battle between the cold Earth and your heated pool water by drastically cutting down on the energy transfer between the two. It is extremely vital to insulate both the inside (keeping the hot in) and the outside (keeping the cold out) of the pool to receive any type of energy savings. It should now be very clear to you how important it is to install an Insulated Concrete Pool to provide much greater strength and longevity than steel, as well saving you as much as 90% of the heating costs compared to owning a non-insulated pool. This will result is savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your Insulated Concrete Pool, all while providing you with a superior structure and taking a green initiative to being more Eco-friendly for our planet.

Note: As far as we know, we are currently the only pool company installing Insulated Concrete Pools in the Pittsburgh region. Any other pool company offering anything similar will be significantly inferior to us in experience. This will absolutely lead to costly and permanent mistakes during their learning curve at your expense. If you are not careful you will easily become the guinea pig for an inexperienced pool company trying to learn a new system that we have perfected. We will be bringing the most experienced Insulated Concrete Pool crew in the Pittsburgh region right into your back-yard.

Our Insulated Concrete Pools can have the interior surface finished in a variety of ways. They can be entirely concrete, entirely vinyl, or our extremely popular hybrid finish. The hybrid finish provides you with the best features of each finished surface. You can have a padded, comfortable vinyl liner, which is the easiest to maintain, in the areas where you walk and sit in the pool, however in the same pool you can also have shallow water areas which are plaster, flag stone, or tile where you have the ability to set beach and lounge chairs, umbrellas, tables, ect right inside the pool without the worry of harming the pool finish. Areas which this typically applies to are our concrete waterfall grottos, beach entries, tanning ledges, and kiddie pool areas.